I figure you could say that the kind of songs I like to play are a rough and tumble toss up of traditional music, and claim a territory situated somewhere between Ireland and Appalachia, (geographically speaking, of course, this would be the Chesapeake Bay region of Virginia, though musically its a little bit harder to pin down quite). Over the years I’ve developed a repertoire that spans everything from bluesy honky-tonk country to Irish trad to some good old Appalachian foot-stompers, with quite a bit else in between. Most of my own songs are drawn from a rural way of life, telling the stories of the men and women who live, thrive or thole, in the heart of the country. I hold strong lyrics and striking melodies are the two most important characteristics of truly great songwriting and I do my best to showcase both of these attributes in every song I write or perform. I hope y’all have liked what you’ve heard so far and I thank you for checking out my humble little strand of the web. Thanks much!



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