Hey Devil Dogs!

So here’s to all the hard chargers who graduated CMCR with me on Sunday, fun times gents! And of course, one night away from “da hooches” and my cough is already disappearing, go figure. So anyway, Since I’ve got so much stuff on youtube and soundcloud, I figured I’d cherry pick a few videos and recordings that y’all would probably enjoy. If you like ’em be sure to share ’em with your friends! And if ya got any good videos of me picking and grinning be sure to send me a link. Thanks gents, it was a pleasure training with y’all, ‘rah, best of luck!

Broken Shards
Kiss Me Kate
Ain’t Gone Back

Dress Blues (Jason Isbell cover)
Copperhead Road (Steve Earle cover)
Busted Blues
When I’m Gone (The Cup Song)
Wild Bill Jones