Willaby’s Thursday April 22nd around 7…

I will be found playing guitar and singing songs on their impromptu stage. In other news, I got to play part of my song “Three Young and Lovely Mormon Ladies” to two young and lovely Mormon Ladies out missionarying about this morning at the Warsaw Flea-market. Not sure how the verses I sang went over, but I believe they gathered I’d be a lost cause as a Latter Day Saint. Here’s the chorus from the second verse,

“Well, I said, ‘Won’t you marry me!
They said, ‘What? Do you mean all three?’
‘Well, I thought you taught polygamy?’
‘No, not in quite a while!

And besides, you must be baptized first.’
Well I said, ‘Now, girls, I’m free of that curse!
I was baptized once in the Holy Church,
And it doesn’t go out of style!’