Monthly Archives: March 2014

Good News and Bad News

So…I didn’t make it into the semi-finals at the Sea Level Songwriter Contest. Lost that $35 bucks, ha. Oh well…

Oh… and the good news! I finally learned how to use my Tascam DR-07MKII and this thing is awesome! I’m still learning how to layer tracks and get a good sound level, but be looking for a lot more songs on my soundcloud page soon. Here’s the first multi-track song from my DK-07MKII, Broken Shards(rough cut). Check it out, I think its pretty cool! Little rough around the edges, but still cool, ha.


Sealevel Songwriting Contest

In other news, I just entered “Kiss Me Kate” and “Emily” into a songwriting contest down around the Norfolk area. They’re not my best songs, but the one I really wanted to enter still need to be polished up a bit before I put them out there. So, here’s hoping I at least place, for the $35 entry fee I had to pay it better go somewhere, haha.

Northern Neck Burger Co.

Had a great time playing over at Northern Neck Burger Co. in Kilmarnock¬†last night. I¬†played about four different sets and only had to repeat a couple songs, folks kept on wanting to hear some good Irish tunes for St. Patrick’s day, ha. I think I really need to expand the pub tunes in my repertoire. Hopefully I’ll be picking over there some more in the next few months.